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GOTV Events

Engaging volunteers with GOTV Events:

Standard events will be created in all ridings for local GOTV volunteer recruitment.  These events will be posted on Full participant lists can be generated in Liberalist in the Event Management tool.

Make sure that your team calls every person who has signed up for a GOTV event to confirm their attendance and provide them essential information about volunteering to Get Out The Vote. For example, you’ll need to provide information on how to access GOTV training, the address of the location where they will meet for GOTV, specific instructions on what to bring and wear, and to confirm the time and date.

In this section, we will discuss how to pull a list of the volunteers that have signed up to help your team to Get Out the Vote, how to create your own events in Liberalist to manage multiple staging locations or customize your GOTV efforts, and how to reach out to your volunteers to schedule them.

Below you will find links to learn more on how to manage your volunteers

  1. Creating Staging Location Events
  2. Creating a list of your volunteers
  3. Creating your GOTV Script
  4. Creating your GOTV Virtual Phone Bank
  5. Using the Virtual Phone Bank for GOTV Onboarding
  6. Assigning roles to your volunteers