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Creating your GOTV Canvassing Lists

  1. On the Main Menu page of the My Voters tab, click Create a New List.
  2. Scroll down to the Targets box and select the Get Out The Vote target.
    GOTV Target
  3. Scroll up to the Location box and click the Star in the top right hand corner. This will move that box to the top. Select your Riding.
    Location - Riding 2
  4. Select Poll 1 (displayed as 0100).
  5. Poll 1
  6. Click Run Search.
  7. From the My List page, click Print.
    Print icon
  8. On the Print page, select the Report Format “~Eday_GOTV”. This will auto select the Script, Contact Method, Sort Order, Map option, and more.
  9. Title your list “Poll 1”.
  10. Edit the Sort Order and other list options if needed.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Click the My List link – you’ll create a PDF for all your files first so you can download and print them in one. My_List
  13. On the My List page, click the Edit Search button, then click Edit Existing Search.
  14. In the Location Box, remove Polling Division 1 (displayed as 0010). You will now be able to select Polling Division 2 (displayed as 0020).
  15. Repeat from Step 5 until you have created a PDF for each Polling Division.
  16. When you have completed your final PDF, click My PDF Files.
  17. Here, you can download each file individually.
  18. You can also tick the box at the top of your list to select all PDFs then click Download Selected Files to download a “zipped folder” containing all of your PDFs.
  19. You can print each PDF or email the PDFs to another member of your team for them to print.

NOTE: If your team does not need a map for each polling division, you can simply follow steps 1-2 to select the GOTV Target then click Run Search. You can then print the whole list in one PDF. The “~Eday_GOTV” report format will insert a page break for each polling division.

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