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Grid View

If you want to enter large amounts of canvass results, but do not have a bar code reader, you can use Grid View.

Your options for the data you can enter in Grid View depend on the Script you pick when starting Grid View. Make sure to use the same Script for data entry that was used for Canvassing so that you have access to all the right answers.

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Grid View.

1 Grid View Icon

2. Select Use My List to load the last list you created, enter the list number on the bottom of your canvassing report, or you can use Quick Lookup. When entering data from reports issued less than 30 days before, you can you can enter the List Number at the bottom of each page of the report. To load your most recent list, select Use My List. To search for individuals instead of working from a list, select Quick Look Up.

2 Use My List

3. Select the script and enter the canvasser, date canvassed, the source (Contact Type definitions here) and the sort order. When you select Calling or Walking default sort options will appear, you can change the order in which the names on a list appear by changing these sort options. If you have customized your sort order when you printed the list, you may want to change the default sort options on the gridview so the names appear in the same order as on your canvassing report. Click Next.

3 Canvass Script

4. Liberalist will display 25 voters at a time. Now simply select the results from the drop down menu by clicking on the arrow at the side of the field to reveal the options. Click Save. Once finished with your first 25 voters, press >> to go forward in you list, << to go back or Save if you are finished.

4 Actual Grid View

5. As with Scan Bar Codes, once data is entered, you will be able to view it in a individual’s record by clicking on the name and selecting edit beside the response under the appropriate field. Also, if you have information to enter on a profile that was not one of the answers included on the script (eg. phone number), you can click on an individual’s name to add information to any field on their profile and then click on Grid View in the top left hand ‘navigation trail’ to continue entering results from your canvass using Gridview.

6. Click Save and Next and it will take you to the next page to enter more data. Make sure you click save before you leave Grid View.

5 Save:Next

Note: You will have 24 hours to edit or delete incorrect canvassing data. After that time, contact the Liberal Party of Canada’s national office to request a correction.