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Vote History List

Liberalist allows you to create a list based on the voting history of your voters. Voter History will be available for your voters to your riding in Liberalist if previous campaign teams collected the data from the Bingo sheets during previous elections.

1. Begin in the My Voters main page.

2. Click Create a New List.

Create a List

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, open the Voting History box by clicking on the arrow (>).

Voting History

4. Select the criteria you wish to search.

1. From the drop down box indicate one of the following:

    1. Any of the voting actions you want.
    2. All of the voting actions you want.
    3. At Least the voting actions you want.
    4. Exactly the voting actions you want.
    5. No More Than the voting actions you want.

2. Choose which years and what type of voting action you want.
eg. People who voted in the Advanced polls in 2008.

    1. Voted includes Advanced and Election Day voting.
    2. Didn’t Vote includes people for whom we have no voting record – they may have voted we just don’t know about it.
    3. Advanced includes only voting in the Advanced polls.


5. When you have selected the criteria you want, scroll up to the top of the Create a List page and click Run Search.

Run Search