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Lawn Sign Request List

  1. Click on Create a List on the My Voters tab.
  2. Open the Activist Codes by clicking on the (+) than Activist Codes
  3. Select the codes you would like to perform your search on and then press Save. To create a list of your sign requests for this election that need to be installed, select Sign Request, Sign Request (Large) and Sign Request (Med).
  4. To create a list of signs to be installed, click on Remove people on the My List page. This will bring you to the Remove people from My List page. Open the Activist Codes by clicking on the (+) then on Activist Code. Select the code Sing Installed. Click Search.

  5. Here you will be returned to the Create a List page. Click Search to proceed to your results.

Note: After you install your signs, it is important to flag each sign installed.  Select the Sign Management script when you are entering this data using Scan Barcodes or Gridview.