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Layout of Counts and Crosstabs

This document provides an overview of the layout of the Counts and Crosstabs screen, and will help you understand the how to perform analysis in Liberalist.

The Counts and Crosstabs page is divided into 3 sections.

  • Top – Control panel: Allows you to control the type of information that will be displayed, and how it is displayed in the table.
  • Middle – My List DescriptionDisplays the parameters of the list that is currently being analyzed.
  • Bottom – Display tableDisplays the number (Counts) of People, Doors, Mailboxes and Phones.

NOTE: The type of Counts (people, doors, etc.) that you will need will vary based on the project. For a calling project, Phones might be more relevant. In contrast, to organize a mailing campaign, Mailboxes are more relevant. However, Counts of People are indicative of the number of votes and relationships that can be earned from any given project.

1 C&C Elements - Control Panel, List, Display Table

Control panel

The control panel allows you chose what is displayed in the display table. It has 3 primary features and 4 subsidiary features.

Primary Features

1. Columns – Display different columns. Each segment of your population will be displayed in a different row.

If Column 1 = “New Riding
Then each row will display a different riding with a respective Count.

2 Layout - Column 1 - New Riding

2. Sections – Displays new Sections along the first row that display information about the populations found in each row.

If (Section 1, Crosstab 1)  = “Sex
Then a section with Sex divided into three crosstabs Male/Female/Unknown will appear in the top row.

3 Layout - Crosstab 1 - Sex

3. Crosstabs – Displays another row of Crosstabs below the existing Crosstab. This allows you to drill down on different segments of your population.

1) (Section 1, Crosstab 1)  = “Sex
2) (Section 1, Crosstab 2)  = “2013LeadershipVoted

Then a section with Sex divided into three crosstabs. Each Crosstab is further divided in to two Crosstabs Yes/No.

4 Layout - Crosstab 2 - 2013Leadership Voted

Subsidiary Features

1. Show Percentages – Displays the percentage of the total Count within a row that a population segment (cell) represents.

For example, in line 1 (Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou), the response of 1 Yes represents 16.67% of the total Count of 6. 

5 Show Percentages

2. Show Group Totals – Displays a row with the total Count pertaining to a given group. This can help simplify a table for easy analysis when you have two or more variables.

A. If you do not select Show Group Totals, with two variables displayed, it is possible that you will have multiple rows for the same population segment.

6 Show Group Totals - Not Checked

B. When you select Show Group Totals, you will be able to see the total count for the given group.
7 Show Group Totals - Checked

3. Counts Drop-down – This drop-down allows you to chose what Count is displayed, including: People, Doors, Mailboxes and Phones.

8 Counts - Ppl Houses etc.


4. Population Drop-down – This drop-down allows you to do analysis on a specific list – My List – OR  all of your contacts/voters – All People.

9 All People (My Voters)

My List Description

Displays the parameters of the list you are analyzing.

10 C&C - My List Description

Display Table

The display table displays the information. You are also able to export your results by Clicking on the Export to Excel button.

11 C&C - Export to Excel