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Liberalist for Nomination Contestants

Liberalist is available for Green-Lit Nomination Candidates and their teams. For more information on becoming a Nomination Candidate, see Open Nominations.


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Liberalist is the Liberal Party of Canada’s contact management system, and it includes many top of the line tools to help you to manage your relationships with your contacts. You can use these tools yourself, as well as authorize access to the system for members of your team.

  • Your team can use Liberalist to reach out to current members and add your own contacts to the database. There is no criteria for who you can add.
  • Your team can create customized outreach questions (like “Will you be supporting Jane?”) to track support levels and other information and to Get Out The Vote for your Nomination Contest. Survey questions you create will not be visible to anyone outside of your team on Liberalist.
  • Access:
    • Each Green Lit Nomination Candidate has a special Liberalist committee created for them, which provides them with access to the membership list and keeps their supporters private from other campaigns
    • Top Level (Level 3) accounts are authorized by the Green Lit Nomination Candidates. They Green Lit Nomination Candidates can also let us know that they want their campaign manager to be able to authorize Level 3 accounts
    • Lower level accounts are created by your team. See more information on access below.
  • The most common tools that your team will be using are:
  • The LPC Campaign Technologies Team is here to help Nomination Candidates and their teams use Liberalist to the fullest.
  • Take advantage of the Liberalist support website with its user guide, videos and training schedule.
  • Our Liberalist Champions Course Videos have been posted here:
  • You can reach our support team at or at 1-888-LIBERAL (542-3725). Make sure to mention that you are working on a Nomination Candidate account. It helps us to give you to the right advice for your special account.


Green Lit Nomination Contestants and their Official Agents can authorize high level accounts (we call them Level 3 Standard or Level 3 Minus (no emails)) for members of their team, which will be created by the Campaign Technologies Team.

Just email the names and emails of people you would like to have Level 3 accounts to

Lower Level accounts will be created by your team’s Level 3 users, so it is strongly recommended that each team have at least 1 person with a Level 3 account whose job it is to manage your data and accounts in Liberalist.

Liberalist makes users sign the Liberalist user agreement when they log in for the first time, but it is your team’s responsibility to share any additional rules (e.g. how often you can email) with the relevant people on your team.

This is a quick description of what the accounts can do:

Level 3 accounts can:

  • Create lists
  • Set up outreach projects like phone banks and canvass sheets
  • Analyze data
  • Monitor Volunteers
  • Manage Events
  • Enter Data
  • Knock on doors/ make phone calls
  • Send Blast Emails (except the Level 3 minus which can’t send emails)
  • Create Lower Level accounts

Accounts that your team can create:

  • Level 2+ can:
    • Look people up
    • Help to Manage Events
    • Enter Data
    • Knock on doors/ make phone calls
    • Create the lowest type of account, only useful for phone banking
  • Level 2 Standard can:
    • Look people up
    • Help to Manage Events
    • Enter Data
    • Knock on doors/ make phone calls
  • Level 1 can:
    • Enter Data
    • Knock on doors/ make phone calls
  • Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) can:
    • Knock on doors / make phone calls