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List Creation for Volunteer Recruitment

There are three types of volunteer lists that will be useful during the volunteer recruitment process. 

1. New sign-ups: A new signup list will allow you to contact all individuals that have recently signed up online, through a contact card or called in the 1-888-LIBERAL toll-free hotline.  It will be important to reach out to these new volunteers to engage them in a volunteer activity.

2. Past volunteers: Re-engaging past volunteers is a great way to build a new volunteer team.  Volunteers used to be flagged using activist codes. However, using survey question allows us to better track a volunteers progress through the stages of the recruitment stages. Creating this list will provide you with a long list of volunteers that may potentially still be interested in volunteering.  You will want to reach out to them to encourage them to volunteer with your team.

3. Active Volunteers: Once volunteers have taken part in their first volunteer activity they are then flagged as active volunteers. You will want to keep active volunteers engaged so that they may evolve into community team coordinators and community team leaders.

4. Call and Schedule (For the Election)

Some people may indicate during the mobilization stage of volunteer recruitment that they are only interested in volunteering for the election.  If this is the case, this is the data point you would append to their profile.  Learn how to pull a list of all your volunteers that want to work during the elections only.

Once you have created any of these lists you can then develop a script  that will allow your organizers to make calls through the Virtual Phone Bank.