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Literature drops

Proper management of your literature drops will allow you to ensure that you are not dropping the same piece of literature multiple times in any one poll.

You can easily use a Spreadsheet tool like Excel to keep track of which pieces of literature you dropped in which poll.

An important best practice is to door knock while you drop literature. It takes time for volunteers to get to a poll and walk up to every door on your Target list – always make sure that the volunteers are door knocking and collecting data while dropping literature.

How to Track Literature drops

The best practice for literature drops would be to track every poll in which you have dropped a particular piece of literature.  We have facilitated this process by offering an Excel spreadsheet that you can use as a template. Click here to download the template.

It is a best practice to space out your literature drops so that no poll gets multiple pieces in a short piece of time.

You can also integrate literature drop tracking into any canvass tracking spreadsheet just by adding a new column for each literature piece you plan to drop.

Tracking your literature drops

Use your spreadsheet to mark which piece was dropped to which poll on which day. You can make your work more visible by highlighting the poll in a particular colour. It is especially important to indicate when the literature was dropped in each poll if there are various pieces of literature to be dropped over the course of the campaign.