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Mail Merging your Form Letter

Although we live in a electronic age, nothing is feels better than getting a letter delivered by your local post person. Liberalist allows you to create a Mail Merge Document and Labels based on the list you have generated.

To create a Mail Merge document for a letter campaign:

1. Load the list of people you would like to contact. For more information on how to create a list, click here.

2. Click on My List. From the My List page, click on the Letters icon at the top of the page.

1 Form Letter Icon

3. Select the Form Letter you wish to send to the individuals in your list from the drop-down menu. For more information on how to create a letter, click here: Creating a Form Letter.

4. Enter an appropriate Batch Name. To make sorting and finding your batch easier, begin each Batch Name with the date the batch was generated in a Year/Month/Day format.

5. Select a Letter Date.  This is the date you expect the letter to be sent out on.

6. The Householding feature allows you to chose between:

  • Print one letter per Person
  • Print one letter per Last Name
  • Print one letter per Household

7. In the From/To field, you will want to flag Send letters to My List.

2 Form Letter Settings

8. Click Next.


9. You now have the ability to input your Signature Preferences.

10. Click Save.

3 Signature

11. You are now provided the opportunity to edit the letter that will go to individuals.

Full Preview

12. You can toggle through your letters by selecting Next and Previous in the top right hand corner.


Note: Any updates made to the letter will be ONLY for the name currently displaying. If you want to make global changes to your letter you need to edit the Form Letter.

13. Now that your batch has been created, you can print your letters. Click here to learn how to print out your batch.