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Managing Volunteers and Participants

Liberalist allows you multiple ways to keep track and manage your volunteers and participants.

How do I manage my volunteers or participants?

1. Printing a Report with Ticket Information

If you have posted your event on, the participants who sign up online will appear directly in Liberalist. You can generate a printable report of your registered attendees and use this list to take attendance at your event.

2. Creating a List of Event Participants Using ‘Create a List

With the Create a List tool, you can load the list of event attendees to the My List page, which allows you to print, email, mail, call, and analyze your list. You can also filter the list of who is coming to your event according to their event status, role, etc. This is most helpful when you want a general overview of your attendees.

3. Creating a List of Event Participants Using ‘Event Management’

With the Event Management tool, you can easily edit the status of your attendees/volunteers and schedule them for a specific task.

4. Marking Attendees

With the Quick Mark tool, you can enter attendees into Liberalist at your event itself. This is great for events where you do not have a list of attendees ahead of time.

5. View Participants

It is often useful to have a print out of people associated with a specific event. Liberalist allows the user to break down a list by the type of involvement a person has with an event, such as attendee, volunteers, confirmed guest, etc.