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Marking Attendees

Quick Mark is a feature that helps you to quickly find and update profiles without having to open each individual’s record. You can use this tool to flag the individuals that will be attending your event.

1. Select the tab, My Voters or Shared Contacts, under which you’d like to enter your data.

2. In the Main Menu, click Quick Mark.

Mark Attendees 1

2. Pick the type of ‘mark’ you would like to add to the profile. If you are marking your attendees for one specific event, select Schedule for Event. If you are scheduling volunteers for multiple shifts, select Schedule for Event (using Event Scheduler). Click Next.

Mark Attendees 2

3.  Select the date and name of your event. Click Finish.

Mark Attendees 3

4. If you’d like to apply a specific status (Completed, Scheduled, etc.), you can select one under Status. Otherwise, you’ll have the option to select a different status for each attendee. You can also choose to Add a Contact History. Click Finish.

Mark Attendees 4

4. A page that looks similar to Quick Look Up will appear. Enter the name of the individual you would like to tag. Press Save / Search.

Mark Attendees 5

6. Now select the checkbox beside the individual to flag them as an attendee and press Save / Search.

Mark Attendees 6



7. If you are flagging event status, select the appropriate response from the drop down menu beside the individual you would like to update and press Save / Search.

Mark Attendees 7


8. Once you are finished, simply click the name of your event to go back to your event page or return to the Main Menu.