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Expired Member Lists

The Membership Box is updated every night directly from the National Membership Registry. Only Level 3 users can create lists.

  1. In the Main Menu of the Shared Contacts page, click on Create a New List.
  2. You do not need to select your riding from the Location box. Liberalist only gives you access to your riding’s membership information.
  3. Scroll down to the Membership box at the bottom of the Create a List page. Open the box and select the “Expired” status.

  4. Leave the Most Recent Membership Only flag from the bottom of the Membership box. This ensures that your list does not include renewed members.

  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Suppressions box ensures that you are not contacting people who have been asked not to be contacted.
    1. If you do not want to contact people who have requested not to be contacted, ignore the Suppressions box. It is set by default to exclude members who do not want to be contacted.
    2. If you are looking for the most accurate count of your expired membership, open the Suppressions box (in the right-hand column of the Create a List page). Change “Exclude Do Not Call” to “Include Do Not Call”. Change “Exclude Do Not Mail” to “Include Do Not Mail.”

  6. Scroll up to the top of the Create a List page and click Search. This will then take you into the My List where you can create canvassing sheets, print letters and labels.

  7. There are counts on your list on the My List page. People is the total number of people in your list. Doors is the count of the number of households on your list, regardless of last names. It’s the number of doors you would need to knock on to reach these members. Mailboxes is the count householded by address and last name. It’s also the number of stamps you would have to buy to reach all of these members.

Note: The number found in “You currently have – people in your list” on the Create a list page page indicates the number of people in the last list you created. Liberalist will not tell you how many people will correspond to your new search criteria until you have clicked Search on the Create a New List page.