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Membership Renewal List

Membership information is automatically updated in Liberalist when someone signs up online at  Only users with level 3 access can create membership lists.

1.  Begin on the Main Menu of the Shared Contacts page.

Under Shared Contacts

2. Click on Create a New List

Create a List

3. Scroll down to the Membership box at the bottom of the Create a List page.

4. Set the Membership Type as Full Member.

Full Member 1

*Note: You may also click on the highlighted “Membership Type” and check the box for Associate Members and Full Members in order to add associate members to your list.

5. To obtain a list of Set the Date Expired From: as January 1st, of the previous year and set the Expired Date To: as December 31st, of the previous year.

Expiration Date

6. Click Run Search.

Run Search

7. From this page, you can then create call sheets, print letters and labels.  You can also choose to send out an e-blast, set up a phone bank, or create a canvassing area with Turf Cutter.

Icons in My List

Note: There are counts on the My List page. People is the total number of people in your list. Doors is the count of the number of households on your list.  It is the number of doors you would need to knock on to reach these members. Mailboxes is the count of households by address and last name. It is also the number of stamps you would have to buy to reach all of these members.

People and Phones 6