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Merge duplicate records

This process cannot be reversed. Do not merge profiles unless you are completely certain that the Shared Contact records are the same individual.

1. Open one of the Shared Contacts records by searching for someone or by creating a list and then clicking on the contact’s name.

Merge Records

2. Click on Merge Duplicate.

 3. Liberalist will automatically return a list of possible duplicate records. If the duplicate does not appear on the results on this search, you may change your search criteria and click search for a new list of possible matches.


4. Select the record that you would like to merge with the record you just opened by clicking beside the name of the duplicate record and click on Merge this person. Fields that are shaded indicate that they contain the same information.

Match Individuals

5. You may be given a choice between the information to keep on the record. Review and select the most accurate information. Click Next.

Select Records

6. Confirm that you would like to merge the records by checking the box to indicate that you understand the process is irreversible. Click Finish.