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Modify a Script

Create custom scripts in Liberalist is great. You can use your script when printing your canvassing sheets and they are also used for the Virtual Phone Bank and in Grid View. However, when you have created a script or you have a script template that is perfect for your project, you may save yourself a lot of time and energy by just modifying a past script.

1. Located on the bottom left hand side of the Main Menu, click on the Codes • Questions • Scripts location and then click Scripts.

Scripts 1

2. Here, you will be able to view and manage all your custom scripts.







3. Select the script you want to modify by clicking on the name.




4. Scroll down to the Actions box and select Save As.  You will then rename the script.  This way, you still have the original and you are free to make any changes to the duplicate.








5. Now you can begin to modify the script by clicking on Edit to change any Text elements.

6. You can delete any fields that you no longer need.

7. You can also insert any additional script elements.

Add Script Element 5

8. You can then re-order your fields within the script by dragging the ‘three-lines’ icon beside the element up (or down) to the position you want it to be in.  Make sure to always click the Save button to save the order of your sections.




9. Ensure that the walk / phone results that you want are checked off so that they are available as responses on your script. Only select the additional Phone / Walk results that you think your volunteers will need in order to successfully track results of their canvass. Your canvasser will be able to select the responses you choose from any canvassing sheet or Virtual Phone Bank that uses this script.

For phoning, we suggest that you also select “Busy”, “Refused”, “Wrong Number”, “Disconnected” and “Deceased”, as well as any other Phone Results that suit your project.


NOTE: CRTC Regulations state that you have to make it easy for your volunteers to add people to the Liberal Party’s Internal Do Not Call list. This means that you have to add the Do Not Call result to all Scripts you plan to use for phoning.


Watch this video on Modifying your Script

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