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New Volunteer List

All new volunteers that sign-up online will be flagged in Liberalist with the Survey Question 2015 Volunteer: Field Recruitment and Survey Response: Yes.

In order to engage these individuals, neighbourhood organizers will want to give these individuals a call to onboard them within 3 days.

1. From the Main page of Liberalist, click on the Shared Contacts tab.

Shared Contacts
2. Click on Create A New List.

Create a List
3. Scroll down to Survey Questions.

4. Select the 2015: Volunteer: Field Master Survey Question

5. In the responses section pick Yes

Field Master YES

6. Click on the checkbox for Most Recent Response Only

Most recent response only

7. Select your riding with location box (to include everyone who lives in your riding)

Emplacement - circonscription

8. Go to Add a Step, select Add People.

Add Step

9. Go to Survey Questions, 2015 Volunteer: Field Master Survey Question. Check Yes.


10.  Then select your committee from the drop-down box (to also include people from outside riding that have said yes.)

Committee english

11. Check the box for Include Most Recent Response Only.

Most recent response only

12. Go to the Suppressions section.

13. Select Remove All Suppressions.

14. Remember to always Exclude deceased.

4 Remove All Suppressions

15. Click Run Search.

Run Search
You will now have a full list of all your potential volunteers.

*You can either make calls through the Virtual Phone Bank (click here to learn how to create a virtual phone bank list), or call individually if you have a small list in order to onboard them.

When contacting these individuals to onboard them into the volunteer process you will select the 2015 Volunteer : Field Mobilization Survey Question.

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