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What is Liberalist?

Liberalist is our voter identification and relationship management system. Jointly developed by the Liberal Party of Canada and Voter Activation Network (VAN), Liberalist will allow our party to meet the demands of a 21st Century campaign and greatly increase our national voter tracking and messaging capabilities. Liberalist is based closely upon VAN’s immensely successful VoteBuilder application, used by both Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee to identify and track voters throughout the United States.

Liberalist will allow you and your campaign to:

  • strategically contact voters by telephone, e-mail, canvass or direct mail;
  • Easily keep track of your membership levels, donors, sign requests and supporters;
  • manage your local campaign team, events and volunteers;
  • map out support and opposition across your riding down to a household level;
  • track key or emerging local and national issues;
  • facilitate grassroots campaigns;
  • develop targeted and demographic-specific messaging

Check out the Liberalist User Guide for more information.