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Past Volunteer List – Prior to 2015 Election

Re-engaging past volunteers is a great way to build a new volunteer team. In the past, potential volunteers were flagged with an activist code.  You will want to reach out to those individuals to see if they are still interested in volunteering so that you can build your team.

1. From the Main Menu, go to the Shared Contacts tab.
2. Go to Create A New List.
Create a List

3. On the Create a New List page you will go to Activist Codes.

4. Click on Activist Codes.
Activist Code

5. Here you will click on Check Type in the Volunteer Section. This will automatically select all the different Activist Codes in this section. Remove the check from the box “Status: Not Interested” so that you do not include them.

1 Activist Code - Past Vols

6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Save 3
7. Go to the Suppressions section.
8. Select Remove All Suppressions. Remember to always exclude deceased.
Suppressions GOOD

9. You will then want to Add a Step, and Remove people.

Remove People 5

10. You can then remove all people that already have any of the 2015 Volunteer : Field Master Survey Reponses. This will prevent you from reaching out to people that have already been engaged at some level of the volunteer recruitment process.

2015 Vol - Field Master

11. Again, make sure your suppressions are in place. Go to the Suppressions section.

12. Select Remove All Suppressions.
13. Remember to always exclude deceased.

4 Remove All Suppressions
14.Click Run search.
Run Search (Icon Only)

This will bring you to the My List page. From here, you can either make calls through the Virtual Phone Bank (click here to learn how to create a virtual phone bank list), or call individually if you have a small list in order to onboard them.