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Creating an Online (Public) Event

Posted on July 16, 2015

Creating an Online (Public) Event

You can make events in Liberalist available to the general public to view and sign up for at Interested participants from your riding can sign up to attend, and they will be automatically added as attendees to your event in Liberalist!

There are a few requirements for your event to be displayed publicly online, such as the Event Type and valid postal code. Once you’ve set up your event, contact your Field Organizer so they can publish your event online!

1. Begin on the Shared Contacts side of the database
Events can only be created on the Shared Contacts side of Liberalist.

2. Create New Event.

3. Select an Event Type.
● A box will appear that allows you to select an event type from a drop down menu.
● Select the type of event you are organizing.
○ There are 5 Event Types that will create public events:
■ Community Event
■ Phone Calling
■ Doorstep
■ Volunteer Orientation
■ GOTV Event
If you do not use one of these event types, the event will not publish to the event website.
● Once selected, click Next.

4. On the New Event page:
a. Name your event, including short name, and pick the start date and time as well as the end date and time in the Name tab.
■ NOTE: This will appear on, so make sure to double check your spelling or get another person to proofread it. If your event is bilingual, make sure to add French title next and description next to the Name and Internal Description. Separate the French and English portions with a slash (/).
■ Once you have completed this information, click Next to go to the Shifts tab.
b. Click Next to go to the Shifts tab.

5. In the Shifts tab:
a) Select the Number of Shifts there will be for this event. If there is more than one shift, indicate the Start Time and End Time for each shift.
b) Click Next.

6. In the Repeat tab:
a) Select how often you would like this even to repeat: Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
○ Repeating events are a great way to limit the amount of work you’re doing and to create a dependable schedule of events that your volunteers can sign up for in advance. Click Next.
b) Click Next.

7. In the Location tab:
a) Indicate the location of your event in the Location box.
b) If the location of your event is not visible in the drop-down you can add another by clicking Create New

c) You will give the location of your event a name and fill in the address information. Click Next to create this location.

○ NOTE: Your event MUST contain a valid postal code for it to display properly online.
d) You will be brought back to the initial Location screen where you can now select your newly created location from the drop down menu. Click Next.

8. In the Roles tab:
a) Select the appropriate roles that individuals can sign up for. The roles will vary depending on the type of event. Click Next.

9. Lastly, in the Sharing tab
a) Select which Committees can edit your event. Select the Committee from the box ‘Without Access’ and click Add. They will then appear in the ‘With Access’ box
b) If your event can be edited by other users in the committees you have shared the event with, select Other users can edit this event. If you are the only user who should be editing the event, select Only I can edit this event.

10. Click Finish.
● This will bring you to the page for your event.
● Make sure to check the name, description, location, and times are correct.

11. Publish your Event
To publish your event, contact your field organizer or Your field organizer can apply the necessary code to publish your event to the events website.

Modifying a Public Event
Once your event has been created and published on website you can modify the event by changing the event in Liberalist. Just make the appropriate changes and all modifications should appear within 30 minutes. You should also notify your field organizer if there are any changes to the event!

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