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Posting a Public Event

Posted on July 16, 2015


1. Begin on the Main Menu page of the Shared Contacts tab.

2. Click on Event Management and click Calendar.  From this page, you will be able to see all the events available to your committee.


3. Click the Add New Event icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select the Type of Event that you will be organizing. To be displayed on, you will need the event to be a Team Trudeau event type.  If you do not use a Team Trudeau event type the event will not publish to the event website.



4. In the New Event Wizard, name your event, pick a date and time, and set the description. These elements will appear on so make sure to double check your spelling. If your event is bilingual, make sure to add French text to the Name and Description. Once you have made your selections, press Next.


5. Indicate the number of shifts there will be for this event. If there is more than one shift, you will indicate the Start Time and End Time for each shift. Click Next.


6. Indicate how often you would like this event to repeat.  Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Repeating events are a great way to limit the amount of work you’re doing and to create a dependable schedule of events that your volunteers can sign up for in advance. Click Next.


7. Indicate the location of your event in the Location box. If you don’t want to make the location public, for example because it’s a volunteer’s house, you can select your campaign office instead and call all volunteers to ensure they know where they’re meeting.


8. If the location is not visible in the drop-down you can add another by clicking Create New.

9. You will then give the location a name and indicate the address.  Make sure to name the location something you’ll be able to find in future, as locations are shared across Liberalist. Click Next to create this location.

10. You will then be brought back to the initial screen where you can select the location in your drop down box.  Click Next.

11. Finally, in the Sharing section, you will indicate which Committees can view your event. Select the Committee from the box ‘Without Access‘ and click Add.  They will then appear in the ‘With Access‘ box.

12. Once you have clicked on Finish, you event will have been created in Liberalist.

13. Check the name, description, location, and times.

14. To publish your event contact your field organizer or  Your field organizer can apply the necessary code to publish your event to the events website.

Modifying a Public Event

Once your event has been created and is published on the website you can modify the event by changing the event in Liberalist.

Paid Events

Paid/ticketed events must be submitted at

To delete or modify a paid/ticketed event contact

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