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Predictive Dialer

What is the predictive dialer?

The predictive dialer tool will call the numbers on your list and connect any calls that are picked up to the first available volunteer – there is no dialing or waiting while the phone rings.  Your volunteer will then go through the script that has been set up in Liberalist and enter any of the data collected directly into the system. It’s like the Virtual Phone Bank on a turbo setting!


There are no per-seat or set up fees. The dialer pricing is per user, and charged only while the caller is connected to the dialer.

The dialer will cost you 15 cents per minutes (9.00$ per volunteer hour). If you choose to set up a transfer option, transferred calls are 15 cents per minute after call is transferred.


Be aware of the rules surrounding the Predictive Dialer.  Take a look at the CRTC regulations surrounding this tool here:

You will need a minimum of 10 people scheduled to be making calls. You should have a consistent number of people on the line at any time and should never have fewer than 8 people calling.

You need to create a list with at least 100 phone numbers per volunteer per hour on your list. To see how to create your list take a look at this documentation on How to Create a List.


There are various requirements that must be fulfilled in order to set up a predictive dialer campaign. Fill out this online form so that we can see if the predictive dialer is the best tool for your project and help get you set up.

Get Started!

Once it has been determined that the predictive dialer is the right tool for you, take a look at the following procedures for setting up your phone bank.  Contact once you have completed these steps and we will set you up with the rest!