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Print a Form Letter

  1. Create the list of recipients by using the Create a New List tool. If you have any questions about creating your list, please do not hesitate to contact the Liberal Party Help Desk.
  2. On the My List page of the appropriate list, click on the Letters icon to begin the process of printing your letters.
  3. Add People

  4. Choose your new form letter from the Form Letter drop down menu. Type the name of this batch of letters into the Batch Name field. You may want to begin the Batch Name with the date the letter was sent.
  5. Letters to My List

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click the Save and Print Batch icon.
  8. Save and Print Batch

  9. Decide if you would like to make a record of this letter batch in the Contact History box of each individual on your recipient list. If so, then select Yes. If not, select No. Click Save and Print.
  10. Save and Print

  11. The system will ask for your permission to open the document in Word or to save the document in your files. You may wish first to open the letter to check the recipients, format, and font.
  12. Open

  13. If you chose Open, your letter will automatically open in Word. If you chose Save File, you will need to find the document among your files and open it manually. Because the document opens in Word, you can easily make any necessary formatting changes to the document before printing your letters. If you find yourself making many changes, consider contacting the Liberal Party Help Desk for assistance.

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