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Printing a Membership List

Any list you create can easily be converted to a printable canvassing report.

  1. Start under the Shared Contacts tab.

Shared Contacts

2. Load the list you would like to use.

3. Click the Print icon in the Icon bar. The Print Report screen will appear.

Print Icon SC

4. Select the Report Format: ~ Membership List. This controls the information that will appear for each individual on your canvassing sheet. Walking and Calling List are standard formats that have been shared across the country. Any level 3 user can create a report format and share it with their electoral district (or committee) so you can control the information that appears on your canvassing sheets.

Membership List

5. Selecting the Report Format may fill the remaining options on this page. If not select the options that work best for you.

  1. If you are canvassing with this report format, select the script you plan on using for your canvass. If you have not created your own script, see the “Creating a Script” section or select one of the standard scripts.
  2. Selecting your source (Calling or Walking). This controls the default order in which the names will appear on the page and the page breaks.
  3. You can modify the Sort Order settings by changing the drop down options for the sort order and the check boxes for page breaks.

6. Change the name of your list from the default “My List” so that once you print the list, you can easily identify it.

7. Click Next. Liberalist will create your Canvass sheet as a PDF.

My PDF Files 3

8. Go to the My PDFs page.

9. Your canvassing sheets are probably ready for printing. Click Download next to the list you want to print to open the PDF of your Canvass sheet.

Download File

10. Print your PDF!