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Printing a Report for Event Ticket Purchases

Once you have created a list of people associated with a specific event you may then want to print a list of all those that will be present in order to take attendance.

1. Create a list of your event participants

1. Select Print from the top icon bar on the My List page.

Print Icon 1

2. Select ~Events Printout as the Report Format.

Events Printout Report Format 2

3. Select Phone from the Contact How drop down box.

4. In the Title section give your list an appropriate name.

5. You are now given the opportunity to sort your list by different variables. For an event list it is recommended sorting only by name. This will allow you to quickly find names as guests arrive.

However, you may want to sort by other variables to suit your needs.

6. By checking the Print Footer you will ensure that the report remains organized.

Print Footer 3

7. Select NextNext

8. Go to the Main Menu by clicking on the home icon at the top left of the page.

Main Menu 6

9. Select My PDF Files from the yellow box in the upper left hand corner of your home screen. My PDF Files 4

10. Click on Download File for the file you would like to access.

Download File 5

You now have a PDF of the list of people who have indicated that they will attend your event. You can see who bought tickets and how many they purchased in the Notes below people’s names and information.

The Johns 7