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Prioritizing your polls

1. Begin on the My Voters side of Liberalist


2. Go to Create a List.


3. Scroll down to the Targets tab

4. Select the appropriate Voter ID Target Tier. For prioritizing your polls, you will probably want to select Tiers 1-4.


5. Adjust your Suppressions to include Do Not Call and Include Do Not Mail

6. Click on Run Search


7. Click on the Counts and Crosstabs icon. 

8. Select Run Quick Counts and Crosstabs and click Next


9. On the Counts and Crosstabs page, in the Column 1, select Data Field.

Data Field Polling Division

10. Select Polling Divisions.  This will allow you to see all your Targets by Polling Division.

11. In the drop-down box that says People, select Doors instead.  This will allow you to view how many households are being targeted in each polling division.

12. Export your list to Excel (for Macs you can use Numbers).



13. In Excel, sort your list by number of doors.  

You will now have a list of the polls with the most amount of targeted doors at the top.  These will be your priority polls.  Begin canvassing those doors and work your way down the list.