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Private Events

  • Create your event as you would any other event. For information on how to create your event, click here
  • Once you have clicked Finish to create your event, you will be brought to the page for your event.

6 Finish

  • To publish the event as a private event please contact your field organizer, or

Please note that private events must be marked as private when they are first published.  It is not possible to make an event private once it has already been published.

Your Private Event’s URL

Once you have created your private event, you will then need to generate the link to share it.

  1. You will begin with
  2. Enter the language code for your event. Either en for English or fr for French.
  3. Enter /Event/
  4. Find the event ID number. This can be found on the event page under Event ID.

Your link will look something like this: