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Potential Volunteer List


There is now a new process for flagging potential volunteers.  You can still pull a potential volunteer list in the manner list above initially in order to find past potential volunteers. However, to flag volunteers that are still interested in volunteering now or in the future, these should be flagged with a survey question and future lists should be created from this same survey question.

Step-by-step procedures and a video will follow shortly.

Searching for your potential volunteers and volunteers who have signed up on your website under Shared Contacts:

1. Begin in the Shared Contacts tab.

Under Shared Contacts

2. Click on Create a New List.

Create a List

3. Open the Activist Codes box by clicking on the arrow (>).  Then click on Activist Code to add multiple activist codes.

Activist Code

4. Scroll down to the Volunteer section. It is typically located at the bottom of the right-hand column. Select the codes you would like to search. To find your potential volunteers, select Status:Potential Vol. It is important to note that there is a new way of flagging volunteers through the Survey Question 2015 Volunteer: Volunteer Sign Up.

Potential Volunteers

5. Press Save. This will bring you back to the Create My List page,

Note: You may want to select only the Potential Volunteers code, or you may want to select other volunteers, such as those flagged with the Active Volunteers code or a specific volunteer activity.

Save 3

6. Click Run Search to proceed to your results.

Run Search