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Quick Look Up

Quick Look Up (QLU) is a feature that allows you to search the Shared Contacts database for an individual. It is also the first step in the process of adding a new contact.

You can search based on name, location, phone or e-mail. QLU uses SmartName technology that automatically searches for variations in spelling and common nicknames (e.g. Rob, Bob, Bobbie, Robert, etc).

1. To search for a person, click on Quick Look Up in the Shared Contacts Menu.
Quick Look Up 1

2. Enter your search query in the relevant boxes.

Search QLU 2

3. After clicking the search button, the individual you are searching for may appear in a list at the bottom of the page. People that appear in this list are shared contacts. This means that you or someone else in the Liberal campaign has had contact with that person in the past. If you find the individual you are looking for, simply click on their name to open their file.

Click on Jane Doe

4. If the individual that you are searching for does not appear in this list, select Search the Voter File. By clicking on Search the Voter File, you are searching Election Canada’s list of registered electors.

Search Voter File 3

5. If you find the individual you are searching for on the voters list, select the tick box that appears to the left of their name and then ‘Add to Shared Contacts.’

Add to Shared Contacts 4

6. If you cannot find the individual you are searching for on the voters list, then select ‘Add New Person’ and add their information in the boxes provided.
Add New Person 5

7. You will now be able to access that individual’s profile, where you can modify and add information about them.