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Voice Broadcasts Overview

What is a Voice Broadcast?

A Voice Broadcast is a pre-recorded telephone call that is sent to a large list of telephone numbers. Voice Broadcasts can be used as a fast and cost-effective way to invite people to events or to provide them with information.

What does my Voice Broadcast message have to contain?

At the beginning of the message, your Voice Broadcast has to identify the name of the caller, the organization on whose behalf the call was made (e.g. your riding association), and the phone number and address of that organization. If your message is over 60 seconds long, you have to repeat the phone number and address at the end of the call. There are additional important rules here:

What about fundraising?

Voice Broadcasts asking people to donate money or “money’s worth” (e.g. volunteer time) can ONLY be sent to people who give your team prior written express consent to be contacted via Voice Broadcast. This means that you can only send Voice Broadcasts to invite people to an event that they will have to pay to attend IF you have written proof that they have agreed to be solicited via Voice Broadcast. If you want to start collecting permission to ask people for money or money’s worth via Voice Broadcast, you can create and promote an online form for the task.

How much do Voice Broadcasts cost?

30 Seconds 3 Cents
60 Seconds 5 Cents

How do I send out a Voice Broadcast?

  1. Voice Broadcast Payment Plan
  2. Record Voice Broadcast Messages
  3. Schedule a a Voice Broadcast