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Recording Voice Broadcast Messages

Sample Introduction Script

Prior to recording your messsage you will need to write a script. We’ve included a Sample Introduction Script for your team to use:

Hi it’s CandidateName, Liberal candidate for RidingName. I’m calling from our campaign office at CampaignOfficeAddress in CampaignOfficeMunicipality, and we can be reached at Local/TollFreeNumber or CampaignEmail.

Voice Broadcast Recordings

Liberalist offers three easy ways to record your Voice Broadcast messages.

    1. On the Main Menu page, click Phone Services in the right-hand administrative menu to open the Phone Services Menu.

    1. Click Recordings.

    1. Click Add New Voice Broadcast Recording to add a new Voice Broadcast message.

  1. Name your Recording and choose one of the following options:
    1. If you already have a high-quality recording of the right length, use the Upload a .wav or .mp3 file option to upload your message to Liberalist.
    2. If the person who is recording the message is with you, you can choose the Call Me Now option. Enter the maximum length of the call (30 seconds, 6o seconds, etc.) and enter your phone number. Liberalist will call you and walk you through the process of recording the Voice Broadcast message. When you are finished, Liberalist will take one or two minutes to receive the message. Please allow the page to load before proceeding.
    3. If the person who is recording the message is not with you, choose the Receive a Call-in Phone Number and PIN option. Enter the maximum length of the call and your email address. Liberalist will email you a phone number and access PIN. This will allow whoever is recording your Voice Broadcast message to call in and record the message at their convenience. The call-in number and PIN will be available on the Liberalist Recordings page until the message has been recorded. The Voice Broadcast recording will appear on the Recordings page in Liberalist shortly after it is recorded.

  2. Your Voice Broadcast message must identify on whose behalf the call was made and provide call-back information. 
  3. You are now ready to send your Voice Broadcast!