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Receipts: Voice Broadcasts

Information on your team’s Voice Broadcast purchases can be found in two places.

The first is the receipt that was sent to the email address indicated when Voice Broadcast Minutes were purchased. If it was sent to you, you can search for it in your email inbox using the email address “”.

The second place you can find this information is the Voice Broadcast page in Liberalist.

  1. On the Main Menu Page of Liberalist, open the Phone Services menu and click Voice Broadcast Accounts.
    Voice Broadcast 1
  2. Click on the name of the Voice Broadcast account.
  3. Set the Date From / Date To fields to include the period you need to report on.
  4. You are only charged for successfully delivered Voice Broadcasts. The Estimated Cost is the amount the Voice Broadcast was expected to cost if each number on your list was reached successfully. The amount in the Debit column is the amount that was spent on the Voice Broadcast in question. The difference between the two is caused by some of the numbers on your list no longer being in service and others simply ringing for an extended period of time without being connected with a person or an answering machine.
  5. Print this page for your records.