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Refining Lists

If you would like to further refine your search you can, Add People, Remove People or Narrow People.

Once you have created your initial list you can refine the list by keeping only a certain people from your initial search.

To add people onto your most recent list that did not correspond to your previous search criteria, click on Add People then select the criteria for the individuals that you would like to have added onto your list. Then, click Search.

Add People

To remove people off your most recent list, click on Remove People. Now add the new search criteria for the individuals you would like to remove from your list and then click Search.

Remove People

To keep only the individuals that correspond to a new search on your list, click Narrow People, then enter the new criteria and click Search.

Narrow People
You can continue refining your list using the Add People, Remove People and Narrow People functions until you are satisfied with your final list. See Saving My List to find out how to keep this list for future reference.