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Creating a List of Event Participants

It is often useful to “Create a List” of people associated with a specific event. Liberalist allows the user to break down a list by the type of involvement a person has with an event, such as attendee, volunteers, confirmed guest, etc.

To “Create a List” of people associated with an event:

  1. From “Main Menu” SELECT “Create a List”.
  2. OPEN the “Events” Module.
  3. SELECT “Include” people based on the following event history:
  4. SELECT the red underlined “Select an Event”.
  5. You are now in the “Event Picker”. Here you are able to browse the events of your committee. In the search box you have the ability to select a number of parameters to restrict the events which are displayed in the table below.

    Note: The table will only display events between with the “Date From” and “Date To” range. Be sure that the events you are looking for must be between those ranges.
  6. SELECT the events you which to build a event for. you can select one or more events by FLAGGING the appropriate boxes and CLICKING “Save/Next” in the upper right hand side of the page.
  7. You now have the ability to select from a range of other parameters, notably you can restrict your list to volunteers, attendee etc. in the “Activity” box and you can restrict your list to completer, confirmed etc. in the “Activity” box
  8. SELECT “Search”

After you have created this list you will most likely want to Print a Report of this list.