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Creating a List of Event Participants

Liberalist allows the user to break down a list by the type of involvement a person has with an event, such as attendee, volunteers, confirmed guest, etc.

1. Begin on the Shared Contacts tab.

2. Select Create A New List.

Create a List

3. Open the Events Module.

4. Select Include in the top where it says “people scheduled for events –  based on the following:”

Events - Include 3

5. Click on Events to get the list of all events.

Select Events 4

6. You are now in the Event Picker. Here you are able to browse the events of your committee. In the search box you may select a number of parameters to restrict the events which are displayed in the table below by event name, event type or the date of the event.

7. Select the event you wish to build a list for.  You can select one or more events by flagging the appropriate boxes and clicking Save/Next in the upper right hand side of the page.

Event Picker 5

8. You now have the ability to select from a range of other parameters. Notably, by selecting the drop down box for Role, you can restrict your list to volunteers, attendees etc. By clicking on the drop down box for Status you can restrict your list to completed, confirmed etc.

9. Click on Run Search to get your results.

Run Search 6