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Request Access

Fill in the following form to submit an access request; keep in mind that this request must be approved by the riding president so it is best to contact them directly prior to submission.

Also, please note that Team Trudeau and Team Trudeau Plus accounts must be created by your riding or Campaign Team. Take a look at how to create these accounts here:

Community Team Leader and Community Team Coordinator accounts are authorized by your Field Organizer. Any requests for this level of account should be made directly through them.

 Liberalist User Agreement

The Liberal Party of Canada (referred to below as the “LPC”) has developed a voter identification and contact management system which is called Liberalist. This system is to be used in accordance with the following terms and conditions and such other requirements that may be communicated to a person who is granted access to it:

Agreement Regarding the Use of the Lists of Electors

  • I, by completing required fields below, in consideration of the provision to me of access to Liberalist, do hereby agree and undertake as follows:
  • I understand the importance of protecting personal information on the lists of electors provided to the LPC and other personal information collected by the LPC and stored in Liberalist (all of which is collectively referred to below as “data”).
  • I understand and agree that I may use the data only for the purposes of communicating on behalf of the LPC with electors, donors and members of the LPC, including soliciting contributions and recruiting party members. I will not, in any way, use the data to support or provide advantage to a contestant in a nomination contest, unless that is the designated purpose of the Liberalist Committee to which I have access.
  • I understand and agree that I will take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of the data and the personal information contained therein. I will not disclose the data to anyone outside the LPC.
  • I understand and agree that I will not make or keep a copy of the data by any means, electronic or otherwise, and will return or destroy any copies that I may obtain once I have completed the task for which they have been provided.
  • I understand and acknowledge that the unauthorized use or disclosure of the data constitutes an offence under the Canada Elections Act and other laws.
  • I understand and agree that access to Liberalist can be revoked or denied by the National Director of the LPC at any time and at his or her discretion and that his or her decision is final.
  • I understand and agree that I will only use my unique personal login to perform authorized functions on Liberalist, and I will not permit the use of my personal login by, or provide it to any other individual, group or entity. In the event that I believe that my personal login has been obtained by any other individual group or entity, or otherwise compromised, I will immediately report this to the National Office of the LPC so that the authorization for the login may be cancelled.
  • I understand and agree that the data contained in Liberalist, other than data obtained from lists of electors, is the sole property of the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, and that any data that I may enter into Liberalist shall become the property of the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, which it may use in accordance with law.
  • I understand that the provision of data drawn from Lists of Electors is made solely for the use of the LPC at the federal level.
  • I understand and agree that further requirements may be communicated to me by the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada at any time, and that my continued use of the login and of Liberalist shall constitute my agreement to such requirements.

Liberalist Request Access

  • Phone number format: (###)### - ####
  • The level of account determines your degree of access and the different features you have access to, for more information click here

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