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As the person responsible for adding new voters, you must ensure that everyone you add to the voters list corresponds to the following criteria. To ensure the accuracy and functionality of your lists, all of these criteria must be met.

Rule #1: Add only Liberals: Who cares about the others? It’s a waste of precious man hours to enter data on people we are not going to contact on Election Day. Our objective is not to perfect the Voters List, but to mobilize every Liberals on Election Day.

Rule #2: Add only one person per household: We don’t want to inflate our numbers, and realistically, if one person is added there that’s all we need to ensure their door gets knocked and their phone gets called.

Rule #3: Do not add to households where Liberal voters already exist: That is to say, if one spouse is already on the list, don’t add the other. Or if children are in the household that are now of age to vote, just mark the parents as Liberals and move on.

Rule #4: Search THOROUGHLY before adding a profile: Oftentimes, a voter can be found without having to add a new person. For example, a spouse who has not changed their last name, spelling errors, etc. The most important thing to do is search by CIVIC ADDRESS FIRST, just the number and street name in the street field on the Quick Look up page (no need to put in street type here). That will bring up everyone who is on the household and provide you with the information to determine whether adding a new voter is warranted.

Rule #5: Add ONLY complete profiles: A complete profile requires a full name, a full civic address, a full postal code, and a full phone number. On occasion you may also add a mailing address. In rural communities, it is important NOT to put a postal address in the permanent address fields.

Rule #6: Add supplementary data as you go: Be sure to mark people with the 2015 Affiliation: Volunteer by ID as you go. Also apply any relevant activists codes (sign request, for example). The easiest way to do both is to use the Quick Mark function for the survey question and add the activist code in the profile manually.