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Send an Email Blast

To send out an Email Blast you will need to create a list of recipients. This is easily done using the Create a List tool. You can send an email to a group of volunteers to thank them, to a group of supporters to invite them to an event, or to donors for fundraising. Whatever the case may be, sending an email is a great way to communicate with people in your riding!

Remember: Before sending out your email blast, always make sure that you’ve removed those who have indicated they want to unsubscribe from your email list. See our guide here for more information on how to create your email distribution list.

1. Select the List of Recipients
Select the list of individuals you want to send your email to. You can either select a list from My List, select a saved list from your folders,or create a new list.

2. From your List, select Emails

From the My List page, click the Emails icon on your icon bar.

● If you cannot see an Emails icon, your account does not have access to the Email Blast tool. Please contact your Liberal Help Desk Team for assistance.

3. The New Blast Email page will guide you through the process of setting up a blast email.

a) On the Name tab, give this Email Blast a Name.

i) The Blast Email Name will only be visible to your team. It is used in analyzing the relative success of your Email Blasts over time and in building lists based on past Email Blasts. You may wish to add a description to give greater detail. When you are done, click Next.

b) On the Form Email tab, select your form email.

i) Select the appropriate Form Email from the drop down list. If you have not yet created the Form Email you are planning to send, click the New Form Email button. For assistance in creating a Form Email, please see our guide on Setting up a Form Email. When you have selected the Form Email you want to click Next

c) On the Scheduling tab, select a date and time to send your email.

i) Email Blasts cannot be scheduled in the past. You are asked to schedule your email blast at least an hour in the future for two reasons:

1) Scheduling them in advance allows the system to bundle multiple blasts together and keep other functions running smoothly.

2) You can cancel an Email Blast up to five minutes before it is sent. Scheduling your blast in advance gives your team extra time to revise and recall an Email Blast.

d) On the Preview tab, view your form email and check for any issues like font sizes or spelling mistakes.

i) The Preview step allows you to see your Blast Email as it would be seen by any recipient. The unsubscribe link has been added at the bottom of the preview email, just as it will be added to the emails sent out in your Email Blast.

ii) If you are not satisfied with the Preview, you can edit your Form Email by clicking Save and Exit, going back to the Main Menu, opening the Letters • Emails menu, clicking on Form Emails, and selecting your Form Email.

e) On the Testing tab, send an email to yourself as a final test.

i) Liberalist gives you another opportunity to check your Blast Email before it is sent by offering the opportunity to send a test email to yourself or to a colleague. When you have sent a test email, click Next.

Note: Test emails do not replace variables with information from the individual’s Liberalist profile.

f) On the Payment tab, you will be able to confirm that your plan covers this email blast.

i) If your Plan covers the Email Blast: Click Next.

ii) If your list contains more recipients than are covered under your Email Plan:
■ Click Purchase Plan to upgrade your plan
■ OR
■ Return to the My List page to Narrow your List or to Remove People from your list, such that your list is small enough to be covered by your Email Plan

g) On the Approve tab, read the Terms and Conditions.

i) Tick the Terms and Conditions box and click Finish.