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Saving and Editing a List

  1. On the My List page, press Save List As in the list menu bar.
  2. You may save a list as a dynamic search and/or a fixed list.
    Note: If you want your list to reflect the situation on the day you created the list (eg. how many Registered Liberals did we have on November 1st), select Saved List (Fixed set of People), and your list of these particular people will be preserved. One advantage of a fixed list is that you may use the My Saved Lists section on the Create a List/Narrow My List/Remove People from My List/ Add People to My List page. This tool helps you include any fixed saved list in the search criteria you use to create a new list or search. (eg. The people who signed up for our event minus those who signed up before the early bird deadline).
  3. If you always want your list to be up to date, select Saved Search (Dynamic set of search criteria), and list will update itself every time you load it.
  4. Select the folder, name and description, then press Save.

Note: After you save your list, you can choose to share it with other members of your team by sharing the folder that contains your list. On the Folder pages, open the folder you would like to share and click on “Edit Folder” in the right hand corner. From this page you can give users access to the folder by selecting their name in the “Users without access” column and clicking “Add”. Once you have given access to the users you would like to share the folder with, click save.