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Scan Bar Codes

1. From the Main Menu click on Scan Bar Codes.

1 SBC Icon

2. Select the appropriate script. Then enter the canvasser’s name if you know it, if not enter your own (last name first). Pick how they were contacted and select “Results first, and then Names” as the Entry Order. Click Next.

2 Script and Canvasser Info

4. On the Bar Code Data Entry page, the field should be green and ready for you to scan results. It is very important that ensure you are entering data for the correct script. Click the word Here to download the Bar Code Report.

3 Download PDF

5. The Bar Code Report that appears will be consistent with the script you have selected.

6. As you have selected the “Results First, Then Name”, you will scan the bar code representing the result, and then scan the person. Below is an example of a canvass sheet with data on it.

Canvass Sheet

A best practice is to scan one page at a time. E.G. Scan the Liberal Bar Code, then scan all the Liberals on the page and repeat that for every result on the page until moving onto the next one.

After you have completed inputting the page it is good to mark that you have done so. A common way of doing this is by putting a line across the page. Doing so will help ensure you do not lose your place and will allow you to easily identify what data has been inputted.

Below is an example of what a page that has been inputted should look like.

Marked Page

7. If you enter an incorrect voter off the canvass sheet, simply scan the correct barcode and scan the voter again; it will undo the previous action.

Once the data is entered; you can view it in a person’s record under Survey Questions, Activist Codes etc. You can click on the person’s name to be taken from the Bar Code Data Entry page directly to their profile.

View profile

If You Made a Mistake

If you flag someone with the wrong activist code or the wrong canvass status you need to open their profile to find and delete the incorrect information. Click on the person to open their profile. Open the Activist Code or Contact History box and select delete, which will allow you to remove the incorrect entry.

Remove Activist Code