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Scheduling Volunteers or Participants

Once your event is set up in Liberalist, you can schedule your volunteers and participants directly.

How do I schedule volunteers or participants?

There are multiple ways of scheduling your participants:

1. Scheduling Volunteers or Participants in My Calendar

You can schedule participants or volunteers directly through your event’s page. This allows you to manage your participants and your event at the same time.

2. Using Quick Mark to Mark Attendees

If you have a list outside of Liberalist of people who you’d like to invite to the event or people who showed up at an event, use the Quick Mark function. It allows you to quickly apply a specific event status to many people’s profiles without having to enter each record individually.

3. Scheduling Volunteers or Participants Directly Through their Profile

When you have a specific list of people (such as active volunteers) you want to schedule for the same event(s), you can use My List to schedule participants.

4. Adding an Event to your Virtual Phone Bank

You can add an event to a script being used in the Virtual Phone Bank, so that you can schedule people as you call them.

5. Using Form View

If you have a list outside of Liberalist of people who attended an event and also provided additional information, like email addresses, you can use Form View. It’s a tool for volunteer management and scheduling your volunteers for your events one at a time.