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Schedule a Voice Broadcast

Voice Broadcasts can be scheduled to go out now or in the future. Use the Create a List function and the Add / Remove / Narrow People buttons on the My List page to send your Voice to only the households you want to reach. Contact your Help Desk for assistance in building lists.

1. Use the Create a List page to create the list of the people you want to reach.

2. Click the Phone Icon and select Set up Voice Broadcast. Click Next.
















3. Name this Voice Broadcast.

4. Pick a Caller ID number for this Voice Broadast. It must be a land-line (not a cell) and should be a phone that recipients can call to contact your team about the Voice Broadcast. The Help Desk recommends using your office front line, if possible.

Note: You need to have access to the Caller ID number the first time you set up a Voice Broadcast as Liberalist will ask you to call to confirm that you have access to the number before allowing you to proceed.

5. Click Next.

6. Select the recording you want to use for the Voice Broadcast. You can select a different recording for live calls (when the voter picks up the phone) and for Answering Machine Recordings. Click Next.


7. Set the date and times you want the Voice Broadcast messages to start and stop going out. Please note that the times are in EST. Click Next.









8. To test your Voice Broadcast, enter your number into the Test Number field and click Test Now. You can test the Voice Broadcast on different members of your team. Click Next.






9. The Payment page will ask you to select your Voice Broadcast account. Liberalist will estimate the cost of your Voice Broadcast. The cost is likely to be lower, as you will only be charged for the calls that are answered or go to an answering machine.










10. If your Voice Broadcast Account cannot cover the full cost of the Voice Broadcast, click Purchase Time to add more credit to the account.

11. If your Voice Broadcast Account can cover the full cost of the Voice Broadcast, click Next.




12. Liberalist will ask you to confirm all aspects of the Voice Broadcast and to agree to the Terms and Conditions before you click Finish.

13. Your Voice Broadcast is scheduled and will begin going out at the scheduled Date and Time.