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Schedule Volunteers

You can use Liberalist to schedule volunteers and record invitations.
If all the attendees are not easily searchable by a specific set of criteria, refer to marking a profile in Quick Mark to see how to schedule without opening up each individual’s record.
Adding Volunteers from the My List page:

  1. Create A New List of people you want to schedule for your event. For help, see:

    You are searching on the Shared Contacts side, so only those identified as having a relationship with your committee will appear in the search.
  2. Once you have a list generated, click on the names of your potential volunteers to enter their profiles.
  3. Call each volunteer to see if they can help out at your event. Open the Events section of each profile to schedule volunteers for events by clicking ‘Schedule for Events’, selecting the event you are organizing, and flagging their status for that event.


Note: Liberalist regards event attendees as volunteers, so you can use these methods both to schedule volunteers and to mark invitations.