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Send your List to the Predictive Dialer

1. Open your list

2. On the My List page, click on the Calls icon.

Calls icon

3. Click on Set up Predictive Dialer Campaign

Set up predictive dialer campaign

4. Select New Phones-Computer Campaign.

New Phones


Note: If you haven’t created an account, you will be prompted to give your account a name. Once that is done, click Save on the account page. If you’ve already created an account, you can continue setting up your campaign.

5. Give your calls a Campaign Name.

6. Give your List a Name

Campaign and List Name

7. Enter an Invitation Title and Text.

8. Select the script that you want your volunteers using

9. You will generally not want to Connect Callers to Answering Machines

10. Transfer will allow you to transfer any requests or questions to another phone number. As a best practice, do not include a transfer number.  This can be very costly.

Invitation and Script

11. Click on Next.

12. In the Display section, select Show all Also in Household.

Show All Also in Household

13. Select the Additional Info and Editable displays you want to have appear in your phone bank.

Options in phone bank

14. Click Next.

15. In the Schedule tab, determine when you want the predictive dialer to be available. You will need to be sure that you have at least 9 people to cover the phones during those hours so that you do not miss any calls.

Schedule Ppl

16. Select the Users that should be able to make changes and access the predictive dialer.

User Access

17. Click Next.

18. In the Payment tab, select the account from which you want to pay for this service.  If you do not have a credit card on file, you can add a credit card.

Choosing an account

19. On this page, you will see how many Calling Minutes are available and how many Hours your volunteers can make calls for.

20. Click Next.

21. In the Approval tab, look over the criteria and if everything looks good, click on Approve.