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Sending Email Blasts for Nomination Contestants

What is an E-mail Blast?

An E-mail Blast is an Email tool in Liberalist that you can use to connect with your contacts. The tool is fully integrated, easy to use, and personalizes your emails using data in Liberalist. The E-mail Blast Wizard walks you step-by-step through the process of sending personalized mass emails from within Liberalist.

Emails can also be fully personalized using ‘variables’ which pull information from your contacts’ Liberalist profiles. It takes only a few clicks to have every email addressed to the recipients by name. (eg. ‘John-‘, instead of ‘Dear Friend’). Recipient lists are created in Liberalist and sent directly to the Email Blast Tool. You can send emails right away or schedule them to be sent later.

You can choose to make your emails as simple or as sophisticated as you’d like, with images, links, and rich text.

Who can use it?

Only users with a Level 3 account can send out an E-mail Blast, but your team must have an E-mail Blast Plan to send anything out.  Once they have purchased the E-mail Blast Plan a member of the team must contact in order to get access to their members emails.

How much does it cost?

The monthly fee for the Blast Email tool does not go to the Liberal Party, but rather funds the tool itself, including the work that goes into keeping us out of junk mail folders. The fee changes based on how many recipients to whom you will be sending your email.

The basic fee starts at $20 for 500 recipients. It increases to $40 for 2,500 recipients, $65 for 5,000 recipients. You can also purchase a pre-paid 6-month or 12-month plan which includes a 10% and 20% discount respectively. As a nomination contestant, once you have purchased an email blast plan, you must contact to let us know.  We will then upload all email addresses into your committee.

What else should I know?

The E-mail Blast tool provides detailed analytics on your sent emails. Your recipients’ actions (like opening an email, clicking a link or unsubscribing) are automatically tracked, easily available, and immediately integrated into the Create a List function. This helps you to determine what constitutes a great blast email from your previous emails – and to use recipient actions as a data point for creating new lists.

You must give the option for people to unsubscribe and include a link to do so in your email. These requests are managed automatically, with no data entry on your part.

Interested in learning how to use the Blast Email tool? These pages will show you how:

  1. Set up your E-mail Blast Plan
  2. E-mail Blast Preferences
  3. E-mail Template
  4. Form E-mail
  5. Sending an Email Blast
  6. Tips on avoiding Junk Mail folders
  7. Blast Email Analytics
  8. Cancelling your Blast Email Plan