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Sending your List to MiniVAN with Manage Turf

The Manage Turf tool allows you to keep track of all your turfs in one place. You can send your list directly to MiniVAN with this tool

1. Select under which tab you will be managing your turf. You’ll normally want to start in the My Voters tab.

2. Click on Manage Turf.

Manage Turf tool in create a list


3. If you have already cut your turf, click on My Turfs. This will bring you to a page with a list of all your Map Regions with the corresponding Turfs.

My Turfs


4. Under your selected Turf, click on the MiniVAN icon.

MiniVAN icon

5. Give your list a Name and select your Canvasser and MiniVAN Campaign. Click Send Now.

Note: You can edit your MiniVAN Campaign by clicking on Customize.

6. You have now sent out your Turf list to MiniVAN.