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Sending your List to MiniVAN

1. Create a List on the My Voters tab in Liberalist.

2. Once you have selected the criteria for your list, click Run Search
3.On the My List Page, click the Print Icon.


4. Select the proper Report Format & Script for your activity. If you are sharing a door knocking list then select the Change at the Doorstep Report Format & Script, if it is for a phone bank then select the Calling for Change Report Format and Script.

5. Enter in the Contacted How and Title in relation to what type of canvass you are providing your volunteers.

6. Select your canvass type in the Contacted How tab. This will prepopulate the Sort Order boxes in connection to the type of canvass you are doing.


7. After clicking Next you will be directed to the My PDF page that will acknowledge your print request. If you click on the My PDF Files link. This will direct you to your .pdf file so you can print it.

**Alternatively you can access My PDF Files by going to the main menu and clicking on My PDF Files on the top left hand side of your Liberalist userface.

8. Once in the PDF Print Jobs view, you can then Download File by clicking on the corresponding link. This will prompt you to download a hard copy which can then be printed and shared.


9. Once you open your new printed list, you can then find the unique list number by looking at the bottom of the canvassing sheets.


10. When you have your list number, you can share it with your volunteers so they can insert them in the Virtual Phone Bank and/or MiniVan