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Set My Report Preferences

View Canvass Results is a great tool to measure your volunteers’ efforts on the ground and how well your campaign is doing. You’ll want to tailor your report preferences to the results that you want to see.

1. Click on the (>) to open View Canvass Results from the main menu.

1 View Canvass Results

2. Select Set My Report Preferences from the sub-menu.

2 Set My Report Preferences

3. The top box allows you to define 6 fields to designate the scope of  your the information you want displayed on your report.

3 Canvass Preferences

  • Opening Date – Election Date: Set this date range to reflect approximately when your project will begin and end.
  • Default Date View: This tool is designed to give you a snap shot of your teams progress. The default date view allows you to see that progress over a certain period of time (today, yesterday, this week etc.).
  • Default Geo View: Allows you to define the how specific the data is. You can see progress of individual canvassers, teams, or the entire riding.
  • Input Type and Contact Type: Allow you to focus on a specific initiative.

4. The bottom box allows you to define which pieces of information you would like to view in order to measure the efforts of you volunteers.

4 Canvass Status Line

The four types of information include:

  • Canvass Status: This allows the user to see the type of contact (for example not home, refused, moved, deceased, and canvassed)
  • Survey Questions: This allows the user to view the number of people who responded in a particular way to a survey question.
  • Master Survey Questions: These survey questions are meant to synthesize the responses of related survey questions into a single survey questions. For example we have many different types of survey questions to ID Voters, for example Volunteer ID, Candidate ID, Paid ID, etc., and these are all compiled into the Master Survey Question “2011 Affiliation: General Election 2011”.
  • Activist Codes: This will allow you to view the number of times a Activist Code has been entered.

NOTE: You can only enter 6 Variables associated with each of these pieces of information, for a total of 24 columns in the report.

5. Click Save.

Save 3

6. Return to the Main Menu by clicking on the House icon or on the Liberalist logo.

5 Main Menu