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Setting Up Events for your campaign – Doors, Phone, Volunteer Orientation, and GOTV

Posted on July 24, 2018

Setting Up Events for your campaign – Doors, Phone, Volunteer Orientation, and GOTV

Running a successful event, whether it be a local townhall, a canvassing event, or a fundraiser, requires you to have dependable volunteers on deck to provide support. Managing your volunteers and knowing who has committed to attend is imperative to the success of your event.
Use the Event Management tool to schedule your volunteers for events so that you can know exactly how many people to expect and who is attending so that you can best allocate your resources.

1. Begin on the Shared Contacts side of the database
● Manage all your volunteers, donors, Registered Liberals and other individuals your riding has a relationship with on the Shared Contacts side of the database. Events can only be created on the Shared Contacts side of the database.

2. Create an Event
a. Click on Create New Event

b. Select an event type
○ As we approach campaign-mode, it will be important to have at least one Volunteer Orientation event scheduled weekly, Door and Phone Canvass events scheduled daily, and one GOTV event set up for the Advanced Poll weekend and Election Day.
○ Choose from the following Event Types:
1. Team Trudeau – Doorstep : Use this Event type to set up daily door canvassing events.
2. Team Trudeau – Calling : Use this Event type to set up daily phone canvassing events.
3. Team Trudeau – Orientation : Use this Event type to set up a Volunteer Recruitment orientation session.
4. Team Trudeau – GOTV : Use this Event type to setup your Advance Poll and E-day GOTV weekend activities. Remember to create one event for the entire advanced poll weekend and divide the weekend into shifts!

3. Setting up the details of your Event.
a. Name Tab:
i. Name – Give your event a clear and concise name that does not include a defined date.
ii. Enter a Short Name – An abbreviated version of the full name
iii. Enter the Date and Time From and Date and Time to – This is important and can change depending on the type of event you are creating.
■ When creating a Team Trudeau Doorstep or a Team Trudeau Calling event, you should create one evening event (5pm to 8pm for example) that can repeat nightly for the whole campaign. You can then create another event for weekend canvassing (which will be divided by shifts).
■ A Team Trudeau GOTV (Get Out The Vote) event should be scheduled for the entire duration of the Advance Polls, and another event should be created for Election Day. These events will be divided into shifts.
■ A Team Trudeau Orientation should be created in the evening or on the weekend. It can be repeated over many weeks.

b. Shifts Tab:
i. Enter the amount of shifts you want to make available to volunteers.
■ GOTV and weekend canvassing events should be divided into shifts to allow for better tracking of when your volunteers are available and committing to attend.
■ When selecting more than one shift, enter a shift name (morning, afternoon and evening canvass) and enter the times for each.

c. Repeat Tab:
i. Team Trudeau Canvassing events should be repeated daily.
ii. GOTV events will not be repeated as you will only setup one for the entire Advance Poll weekend or all of Election day.
iii. Orientation events should be repeated weekly.

d. Location Tab:
i. Enter the central location for your event. This will often consist of the campaign office or central riding hub.

e. Sharing Tab:
i. You can choose to allow others in your committee to edit the event, or you can choose to be the only one able to make edits.
f. Click on Finish!

4. Your event is now created!
● View your list of participants by going into the Participants section. Learn more about your participants list here:
● You can make any edits you may need to make by entering the different sections and changing the settings.

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