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Setting up a Volunteer Recruitment script

Posted on July 24, 2018

We need to reach out to people to encourage them to volunteer.  Reaching out to your base contacts is ideal as they have already been engaged to some extent with your riding in the past.

A volunteer recruitment script will be used in a Virtual Phone Bank to ask your base contacts if they would be interested in volunteering.  They will then be contacted again later to  be invited to an event in order to get engaged with the team and learn more about volunteering for the Liberal Party of Canada.

  1. Begin on the Shared Contacts side of the database
  • Manage all your volunteers, donors, registered Liberals and other individuals that have a relationship with your riding on the Shared Contacts side of the database.
  1. Create a Script from Scratch
  1. In the Administrative Panel, scroll down to Codes – Questions – Scripts and click on Scripts.
  2. Click on Add Script on the top-right hand corner.
    • This will bring you to the Script page. Give your script a name like Volunteer Recruitment – Team Trudeau (your riding name).
  3. Scroll down to Script Elements. There are various elements to choose from to build your script.
    • Text: To add a text element, simply write in the text you would like provide for canvassing. Click Add.
    • Activist Code: To add an Activist Code, select the Activist Code you would like to use during the canvass from the drop down menu under Activist Codes. Click Add.
    • Survey Question: To add a question, select the Survey Question you would like to use during the canvass from the drop down menu under Survey Questions. Click Add.
    • Volunteer Activity: Add a Volunteer Activity if you would like one to included in your script.
    • Event: To add an event, click Add and select the date and name of your event. If you will be using this script with MiniVAN, you will be able to input event statuses for your event attendees directly into MiniVAN.
  4. Enter the script elements as detailed out in the Example Script below.
  1. Always check your desired phone results
  1.  Select the different walk / phone results that you would like to make available as responses on your script by ticking the box next to it.
  • Only select the additional Phone / Walk results that you think your volunteers will need in order to successfully track results of their canvass. Your canvasser will be able to select the responses you choose from any canvassing sheet or Virtual Phone Bank that uses this script.
  • You have to add the Do Not Call result to all Scripts you plan to use for phoning.
  • For phoning, we suggest that you also select “Busy”, “Refused”, “Wrong Number”, “Disconnected” and “Deceased”, as well as any other Phone Results that suit your project.
  1. Share your Script
  1. Choose the electoral district(s)/committee(s) that can have access to your script by using the add and remove buttons.
  2. If you have only been granted access to one Liberalist committee, you will be able to share your script with only that committee. If you have access to more than one Liberalist committee, the names of all of your committees will appear and you may select which committee you want to give access to the script.

Example of a Volunteer Recruitment Script

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