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Setting up a Volunteer Recruitment Virtual Phone Bank (VPB)

Posted on July 24, 2018

Reaching out to your potential volunteers by phone is far more effective than an email, and it’s more personal and interactive. Calling your base contacts is the first step in getting someone to join your team and build your campaign!

The Virtual Phone Bank tool within Liberalist allows you to enter data as you make calls. A Volunteer Recruitment VPB will allow you to have a friendly chat with new potential volunteers and to sign them up as volunteers in your riding directly within the VPB. Mark anyone that expresses interest in volunteering as a ‘New Volunteer SignUp’ using the ‘2019 Volunteer: Volunteer Status Survey Question’.

    1. Begin on the Shared Contacts side of the database
      • Manage all your volunteers, donors, registered Liberals and other individuals your riding has a relationship with on the Shared Contacts side of the database.

    1. Select your volunteer recruitment list
      1. Click on My Folders to view all the folders you have access to.

      1. Click on the name of folder that contains your volunteer recruitment lists

      1. Select the list of potential volunteers you want to recruit

      1. The list will then open into the My List page.
      2. For information on how to create lists for volunteer recruitment, click here.
    1. Set up your Virtual Phone Bank (VPB)
      1. From the My List page, click on the Calls icon.
      2. Click on Setup Virtual Phone Bank List

      1. Determine whether to use your list as a Fixed list or a Saved Search

          A fixed list is: A list that will always contain the same people. This list can be used from the Create a List page to add or remove these people from future lists.
         A Saved Search is: A dynamic list that changes according to the criteria you selected. This list will constantly add or remove people as per the criteria you selected upon the creation of your list.

      1. Click on Continue

    1. Enter the Virtual Phone Bank Details
      1. Begin by giving your VPB a name
      2. You may also add a description that includes the criteria of the list that you are using to make your calls.
      3. Select the Volunteer Recruitment Script from the drop-down box.
      4. Enter the dates that you want your phone bank to be live.

    1. Selecting a Sharing Option
      • Within the VPB, you have two options:
        • Share your VPB on
        • Do not share your VPB:

    1. Adding the Event Scheduler to your VPB

You can choose to allow your callers to schedule the people they contact for an event directly through the VPB. This is great for volunteer recruitment phone banks because you can easily schedule a volunteer for a training session or a volunteer activity directly within the phone bank.

      1. Tick the box next to Event Scheduler. Additional criteria will appear.
      2. Enter the date range of the events that you want to be able to schedule volunteers for. Please note these dates need to be within a week.
      3. Select the Event Types that you want to be able to schedule volunteers for.
      4. Under Event Role, select Attendee/participant. This will ensure that all individuals that want to attend this event are marked as Attendee/participant.
      5. In Event Status, select Scheduled. This will ensure all interested individuals get marked as scheduled.

    1. Set your Additional Settings
      1. Many of these settings are optional but can be very helpful for running an effective phone bank.
        1. Daily Availability: Set this field to times that fall within the hours permitted by CRTC regulations. This field ensures that you callers are only making calls within a certain time frame. This field is obligatory.
        2. Time Limit: You can set a time limit for your phone bank which regulates the amount of time your callers can spend making phone calls. This is helpful to prompt your volunteers to take a break if they have been making calls for a long time. It is a good practice to set this to 60 minutes.
        3. Contact Limit: This feature will set a goal for your volunteers to reach in terms of successful contacts or attempts. Used in conjunction with the Progress bar function, this feature can be used to encourage your volunteers to reach a set number of attempted calls or successful attempts.
        4. Repeat: If setting a time limit or a contact limit, it is a best practice to tick the Repeat checkbox. This will allow your callers to repeat a session so that they can continue making phone calls.
        5. Distribute Contacts: Enabling this function will prompt your callers to enter their postal code so that they are provided with phone numbers of individuals that live in their area. This is great for ridings where neighbours are more closely acquainted and hearing from someone that knows your area could be more persuasive.
        6. Householding: In your volunteer recruitment phone bank, select the Do not Display Also in Household option. This will ensure that you are only prompted to speak to individuals that are on your list and have expressed interest in volunteering or being engaged.
        7. Alternate Numbers: Select Attempt Alternate Numbers. The system will display all alternate phone numbers that we have in the database for the person you are trying to reach.
        8. Skipping: Skipping allows your callers to skip a household or contact so that they do not have to make that call if they feel uncomfortable doing so.
        9. Status: Set the status to Active!

    1. Display Settings
      • Displaying certain information is important and displaying too many settings can be overwhelming for volunteers.
      • It is strongly recommended that you display the following settings:
        • Age and Sex: This will give your caller a better idea of who they are reaching out to.

        • Preferred email and preferred phone: This will allow your callers to see what email we have on file and what an individuals preferred phone number is set as. It is always a good idea to display these settings so you can confirm that these are good ways to reach them.

        • In the Editable Contact Section, make Addresses, Phones, and Emails editable. This will allow your callers to make edits to that information while on the phone with a potential volunteer. Keeping this information up to date is crucial!

        • Displaying Survey Questions and Activist Codes: These are not necessary but can be added. They will display data points that allow your caller to see how involved this person has been in the past.

        • Progress Bar: This is a great feature that allows your callers to see how well they are progressing through their Virtual Phone Bank. You can choose to include an individual progress bar and a progress bar for the entire team.
          • Remember: If you had set a Contact Limit, the individual progress bar will show how well a volunteer is progressing towards their contact limit. This encourages your volunteer as they make calls!
          • Only make the entire phone bank progress bar available if the list is small and manageable. If the list is too long and the progress bar indicates slow progress, this can be discouraging!

    1. Create your Phone Bank!
      • Scroll up to the top of the page and click on Next once all your criteria has been selected.
      • Your phone bank is now created!
    2. Sharing your Phone Bank
      • You have various options to share your VPB
        • Share your VPB by providing your volunteers with the List number generated.

        • Share your VPB by scrolling down to the User Access Section. HIghlight the names of the users you want to give access to and click Add. They will become User with Access.

        • Share your VPB by scrolling down to the Committee Access Section and click on your riding committee. Click Add so that all users in your committee gain access to the VPB.

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