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Sign Requests from Call Centers

If your campaign has purchased paid calling and you would like to know how many identified Liberals have requested lawn signs, you can follow these steps to find out.

1. On Shared Contacts click Create a New List


2. In the Location box, select your riding,

step 1

3. Next select the Survey Questions box.

4. You will then need to select the Question: 2015 Affiliation: ID by Volunteer.

step 2

5. Set the Contact Type: Paid ID (representing your paid callers).

6. You will then need choose the appropriate dates into the ‘Data Entered From’ section.

7. In the Activist Codes box, and choose Visibility: Sign 15 Request (Public)

step 3

8. You can now Preview My Results or Run Search to pull a list of individuals who were contacted by your paid callers and requested a sign for their lawns.

9. You can then begin contacting these individuals to confirm their request and process with installation. If you have any questions regarding the next steps please refer to our user guide here: or call us at 1-888-LIBERAL (542-3725)

** While it’s recommended to manage your signs on the My Voters tab, you can also replicate this search on the My Voters tab.**